What we love doing

I believe that the best work comes through a close partnership with the clients.
Having a deep understanding of their business and customers is key to create great products and services. In addition I put the user at the heart of every project to make sure that the result is an enhancing brand and user experience.

How I work


I am working alongside my clients and also a well-developed network of other talented people which makes me able to tackle a wide variety of projects.
My creative network includes experienced professionals such as web developers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers, industrial designers, advertisers.

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Adobe Creative Cloud & Lightroom, Axure, Omnigraffle, Sketch, Keynote, Rhino 3D

User centered design approach
Through upfront testing and research, we are checking in with the potential users if and how a product or service will be used.

Balsamiq, PopApp, Webflow, Paper and pen for sketching, and I truly love whiteboards, InVision

Mobile first, responsiveness, web or native apps
I will help you evaluating if a mobile-first approach is beneficial, wether you need responsive design or separate mobile services.

UX & Product Development Techniques
Persona Creation, User Stories, Card Sorting, Wireframing, User Testing, Design Thinking, 

Want to expand my work to other media, international markets or integrate in in-house projects? No worries, it all scales.

Platforms and Networks
Behance, 500px and Dribbble

Intercultural and international way of work
Having lived abroad for 4 years and worked in global companies for more than 7 years gives insights and comprehension.  

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5y. travels abroad


studio projects


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